What are the Different Factors that Reduce Mining Outcome?

If you are into mining, then you must know the fact that there is always some difference between the pool hashrate and the local mining hashrate. These two factors do have an effect on your mining income. So, you must be concerned about these two factors.

The question that comes to your mind will be, what causes the difference in pool hashrate and the local mining hashrate? So, as a miner, you should go with the pool hashrate or the local mining rate? We will find the answers to all these questions through this article. So, let us get started.


What is Pool Hashrate?

There are two components included in the pool hashrate. They are the single crypto miner hashrate and the total hashrate. You can find the pool hashrate on the mining pool’s dashboard page. Generally, the average values are displayed for the pool hashrate. There are two kinds of average hashrate shown in the system. They are the 24-hour average hashrate and the 15-minute average hashrate. Now, you might be thinking why this pool hashrate parameter is of big concern. These values decide your income from mining. So, this parameter is very important for a crypto-miner.

There is no direct impact on income from the local hashrate parameter. If you have a high local hashrate, you will also get a higher pool hashrate. Thus, there will be more income. But you need to consider many other factors also. So, let us check that also.


What is the Relation between Pool Hashrate and Local Hashrate?

You can find out your local hashrate easily from the mining pool. So, you might be thinking, why pool hashrate is taken into account by the mining pool instead of the original local hashrate.

There is a relation existing between the pool hashrate and the local mining hashrate. This relationship is similar to the employee and boss relationship in the office. You can think of the local hashrate as the salary collected by the employee. It indicates the per capita salary. Even if you have 1MH/second hashrate, the workload contribution may not be the same.

The mining pool will do workload qualification. If 1 MH/ second is the local hashrate, then the mining pool will decide the hashrate to be given for the pool in 24 hours. You can consider the example of 100,000 workers in a factory. They make around 30,000,000 pieces of products every day. Here, the per capita average will be 300. So, the salary will be more for the person who has made more than 300 products per day.

Now, consider the case of hashrate as an example. If the local hashrate is 1 MH/ second, then it must give 10 results to the mining pool in 24 hours. The process of converting it into a 1MH/ second pool hashrate will be done once all the 10 results are received by them. Suppose, if only 8 results are received, then the hashrate of the pool will change to 0.8 MH/ second. If 12 results are received within the same duration, the pool hashrate will change to 1.2 MH/ second.

We can conclude that your hashrate is not a concern for the mining pool. The only point of concern is your final workload. It is the real difference between the pool hashrate and the local hashrate. The local hashrate does not give any indication of your actual workload. It is the pool hashrate that shows the actual work you have completed.


What are the Factors that Affect the Pool Hashrate?

There are numerous factors that result in a pool hashrate. It includes network, overclocking, mining software, etc. Let us have a look at each of these factors.


1. Network

The network resource will not be fully occupied by mining alone. The network resources will be used for the reception of missions from the pool as well as for delivering the result to the pool. So, the condition of the network is very critical. If you have a very good network, 0.001 seconds will be sufficient to receive the mission and deliver the results. If the network condition is poor, it can go for 0.004 seconds or more.

If you see the difference, it is only 0.003 seconds. When you consider the case of a normal miner, thousands of 0.003 seconds will happen within 24 hours. It can create a 1 percent difference. In the normal case, the delay will be around 60 milliseconds.


2. Overclocking

The miner can go unstable if the overclocking touches the upper limit. You can see hardware errors during this time. So, there will be too many refusals from the pool. It is better to explain it with an example. Consider the example of a man who can only lift 100kg of weight. There will be two results when overclocking occurs. The man will be holding only 70 kg of wood. But it will look like he has 250 kg of wood. In this case, a person who sees will think that man is holding too much load. Once it is passed on to the pool, it will be only 70 kg. So, the expectation is entirely different from the actual results. Secondly, there will be overloading on the person due to overclocking. The person will be so tired that he finds it almost impossible to perform any other activities.


3. Software Commission

There will be commission charges for the mining software. It is how most of the mining software works. It will usually be around 1 percent. There are few software programs that charge a commission higher than this one percent. The software guys are putting effort into developing these programs. So, you can’t expect them to give it to you for free. There are no discounts.


4. Hashrate Theft

Some mining programs will steal your hashrate. The software programs that are available for free or for very low costs are known to steal hashrate. The amount of income from this hashrate theft can be more than the normal commission. Such programs are considered hashrate stealing software.

There are other ways of stealing the hashrate. Some Trojan might be installed in your mining system. You may not know it. So, this Trojan will monitor all your mining activities and steal your hashrate. It will result in the reduction of the pool hashrate.

It is not possible to install any kind of anti-virus program in the miner. It is because of the fact that the actual mining program will be detected as a virus by the anti-virus software. So, you won’t be able to do the mining process. It is always better not to download any programs or firmware from unknown vendors to be on the safe side. It is also a good idea not to go for any free mining programs or mining software that comes at a very low price.

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