Maintenance Suggestions for Professional Miners from Antminers

You can increase the life of your Antminer if you do the maintenance in the right ways. Here, I will share some tips that will help to boost your Antminer’s life. These tips are from the technicians of the Antminers. So, it really works.


  1. You must remove the dust from the miner at regular intervals. You don’t have to dismantle the miner to eliminate the dust particles. Make use of a high-pressure blower for dust removal. Blow the dust to the backside. The frequency of dust removal depends on your air quality. It is always good to do it once a month.
  2. There are different types of cryptocurrencies. Each of these cryptocurrencies requires a specific algorithm for mining. We provide different models with different algorithms. So, you need to choose the appropriate miner model to mine your desired cryptocurrency.
  3. The miner will be still operational even if there are any damages to any of the hash boards. But you can expect a decrease in income. You can check for any damages in the hashboard during maintenance.
  4. You cannot replace the high-speed fan with a low-speed fan. It will affect the performance of the miner. But you can do the other way around. You can replace the low-speed fan with a high-speed fan.
  5. You can expect a reduction in hash speed by 5 per cent if you are using the miner for quite some time.
  6. You need to ensure that the temperature of the chip inside the Antminer never crosses 80 degrees Celsius. It must always be within 70 to 80 degrees Celsius. If there is excess heat, then more dust will get accumulated on the chip surface.
  7. If you are interested in reducing the noise, you will have to lower the speed of rotation of the fan. But we don’t recommend doing it. It will have a negative impact on the heat dissipation of the equipment. You can expect water cooling systems in the upcoming Antminer versions.
  8. You must not introduce oil into the system to remove heat.
  9. For satisfactory working of the Antminer, we recommend maintaining an indoor temperature of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.
  10. If you are seeing a lower chip temperature and the operation of the miner is normal, the fans will be rotating at slower speeds to lower the power consumption of the unit.
  11. You can increase the life of the miner by doing proper maintenance activities.
  12. It is essential to monitor the miner temperature. You will have to pause all your operations if there are any deviations in the temperature from the specified range. The range of temperature difference of hashboard must always be inside 10 degrees Celsius. It must not cross this value.
  13. You may see IP conflicts if there is an IP detection failure.
  14. Reduction in hash speed can be due to many factors. There can be hardware errors. In the case of such errors, you can see the restarting of the miner from a certain percentage. If this issue is repeated, you must go for maintenance without any delay.
  15. We strongly recommend using the original cooling fans. These fans are specifically designed to improve the efficiency of the miner. So, don’t go for third-party fans thinking that cheap fans are available in the market.
  16. If you use any third-party firmware or unauthorized hash rate change, the miner warranty will become invalid.
  17. Never download the Antminer firmware from third-party websites. Always go to the Antiminer website to download the latest firmware. Before downloading the firmware from the website, ensure that you have selected the correct firmware version. If you download the wrong firmware version, the miner will not work as intended.
  18. If you are using multiple miners, it is recommended to use batch software. It will allow you to connect your computer to multiple miners at the same time. Thus, you can configure multiple miners at a time.
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