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Inovatec Professional Mining Container for Ethereum and Bitcoin

Cost-Saving Industrial Mining Contianer

Inovatec is a professional cryptocurrency mining box manufacturer. We sell used S19, L3+, GPU mining machines with prices that are second to none.

  • 10-15 days production time meet urgent order request
  • The low temperature extends your machine life by 200% and increases Hashrate by 20%
  • Save 70% of the production cost compared with the manufacturer
  • A balance between cost, quality, and market certification.
Antbox n5 mining container

Cost Effective OEM Design BitBox Container

This containerized mining container provides miners with a more efficient solution than warehouse mining. A big part of the cost of cryptocurrency mining comes from electricity consumption and warehouse costs. Containerized mining containers can be easily transported to trucks and transported to wherever you want to go with low power. It is not restricted by the site, and has strong mobility, and is cost-effective as well as recyclable.

The miner we can ship together with the container so that you have no problem with the customs clearance issues, especially you have a big amount of bitcoin miners to ship.

Standard Shipping Container Mining Box

High-End 20 ft Stand Shipping Container

Standard 220 seats, integral 3.0 steel plate detachable structure, integral baking paint, gigabit network, forklift hole position, external power interface, can be customized according to user models, automatic reclosing, electricity, phase loss, overload protection

  • Power supply using PDU + cable Safer
  • Dual temperature zone control
  • Automatic constant temperature
  • Energy-saving operation
10 ft Crypto Mining Container
Compact Design 10 ft Bit Box
20 ft Crypto Mining Container
Most Popular 20 ft Shipping Container Box
40 ft Crypto Mining Container
High Volume Industrial Standard Mining Container
Foldable Compact Shipping
You can put 3 pcs 40 ft BitBox Material in 1 40 ft Shipping Container
Space arrangement
We help you arrange the miner placement and quantities
Antbox n5 mining container
Cost Saving Solution for S19 Miner
Water Cooled Mining Container
Specially designed for S19 Hydro Miner
UL CE Standard Mining Container
You can load and ship the container straight away
China standard Shipping container
Most Cost Saving Container for South America and Asia

Successful Project Case (5)

Industrial Certifications (4)

  • CCS Certification

    CCS Certification is for standard shipping containers. Therefore, we can export the mining container as a standard shipping container.

  • CE Certification

    CE Certification is requested for export goods to EU countries. We will make that certification at buyer’s request.

  • CSA Certification

    American standards, European standards, Australian standards can be customized. At present, it has been exported to the United States, Iran, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Australia, etc.

  • UL Certification

    UL is used for United Stated Safety Standard. We will make that certification at the buyer’s request.

Inovatec BitBox Container Details

Smart PDUs
Smart PDUs
Basic and intelligent versions available. 12 x C19 outputs, 3x 63A input, Supports up to 12 Antminer S19 or 24 Antminer S9 miners
Negative Pressure Fan
Negative Pressure Fan
1.1*1.1 meter with 0.75kw Power, Certification on request
Water Curtain
Water Curtain
Water Cyculation takes away the heat, daily Consumption 500 Liter
Power Control Box
Power Control Box
Placement for up to 900kW of ASICs, Electrical distribution, power cabling, outlets, filters, shelving
Optional Miner Wire
Optional Miner Wire
Support for S19 miner (S19pro, S19XP, S19jpro)
Optional Ethernet Cable
Optional Ethernet Cable
Plug and play design for fast mining far set up and reduce down time
Crypto Mining Container banner 2nd
10 AWG Cable
10 AWG Cable
630A main breaker
630A main breaker
Air Breaker Nadar Brand
Air Breaker Nadar Brand
Axuliary Outlets
Auxiliary Outlets
Distribution Panel Breaker
Distribution Panel Breaker
Overhead Rack Distribution
Overhead Rack Distribution
Rack Arrangement
Rack Arrangement
CAD Design
CAD Design
Model Name Mining-Box-G1 Mining-Box-A1 Mining-Box-A1(C1)
Basic parameters
product type Standard container miner(shipping) Standard container miner(shipping) Standard container miner(shipping)
Maximum stand It can accommodate up to 80pcs GPU Miner machines (690×400×210mm) It can accommodate up to 224PCS bitmain S19 series ASIC Miner machines(195.5×290×400mm) It can accommodate up to 168PCS ETH ASIC Miner machines(192×373×300mm)
Composition module Power distribution module,Rack module,PDU module,Ethernet module,Weak electricity module
Miner type Adaptive GPU miner(8 card direct insertion) Adaptive ASIC miner Adaptive ASIC miner
Distribution parameters
working voltage AC 380V(TN-S) AC 380V(TN-S) AC 380V(TN-S)
Working current 245A(Single phase maximum)×3,Normal current approx 172A×3 1782A(Single phase maximum)×3,Normal current approx 1188A×3 672A(Single phase maximum)×3,Normal current approx 560A×3
Total power 160KW(max.),Normal power approx 113KW 1176KW(max.),Normal power approx 784KW 588KW(max.),Normal power approx 370KW
PDU(Power Distribution Unit) AC 380V 9 outlet×8 sets,add 220V 4 outlet×3 sets AC 380V 15 outlet×28 sets,add 380V 9 outlet×4 sets AC 380V 18 outlet×20 sets
Machine stand design power The Machine stand position is preset according to 2000W*notes ➊ according to bitmain APW 12 power(3250W)design,The Machine stand position is preset according to 3500W*notes ➊ The Machine stand position is preset according to 3500W
Incoming cable Outdoor overhead(YJV-0.6/1KV 4×120+1×70)*notes ➋ Outdoor overhead(YJV-0.6/1KV 240×4+ 120×1)*notes ➋ Outdoor overhead(YJV-0.6/1KV 240×4+ 120×1)*notes ➋
变压器 315KVA transformer:Can support 1 set Mining-BOX work 1250KVA transformer:Can support 1 set Mining-BOX work 500KVA transformer:Can support 1 set Mining-BOX work
Box, frame, weak current parameters and precautions
Box structure and material 20HC customized Steel container 20HC customized Steel container 20HC customized Steel container
Shelf material square steel+steel plate Welding customization square steel+steel plate Welding customization square steel+steel plate Welding customization
Miner layout 8 columns and 10 floors 28 columns and 8 floors 28 columns and 6 floors
Box weight About 4.2 tons About 4.2 tons About 4.2 tons
Box size Overall dimension:6058×2438×2896mm Overall dimension:6058×2438×2896mm Overall dimension:6058×2438×2896mm
Inner space size:5851×2282×2661mm Inner space size:5851×2282×2661mm Inner space size:5890×2282×2701mm
Box color Grey (RAL7035) * optional ➌
Door opening direction Right door opening(Independent doors are installed in cold and hot areas respectively)
Network Wired Ethernet/Wireless bridge*Optional ➍ Wired Ethernet/Wireless bridge*Optional ➍ Wired Ethernet/Wireless bridge*Optional ➍
24 port Gigabit switch×4 48 Port 100m switch×5 48 Port 100m switch×4
Cooling system External water curtain wall at air inlet end *optional ➎ External water curtain wall at air inlet end *optional ➎ External water curtain wall at air inlet end *optional ➎
Steel louver or steel mesh at air inlet end *optional ➏ Steel louver or steel mesh at air inlet end *optional ➏ Steel louver or steel mesh at air inlet end *optional ➏
The negative pressure fan at the hot air outlet 1220×1220mm 380V direct drive type × 6 sets, ventilation capacity: 222000 M ³/ hour The negative pressure fan at the hot air outlet end adopts 1220 380V belt type × 8 sets, ventilation capacity: 296000 M ³/ hour The negative pressure fan at the hot air outlet end adopts 1220 380V belt type × 8 sets, ventilation capacity: 296000 M ³/ hour
Use environment Temperature:-10°C~45°C
Altitude:≤3000m,Use of frequency reduction over 1000m
Matters needing attention 1、Mining-BOX It shall be placed on flat and hard ground without settlement
2、If two layers need to be superimposed, the ground needs to be hardened according to the load of 12 tons
3、5 ~ 10 ton crane or forklift shall be prepared for loading and unloading
4、Determine whether to configure water curtain wall according to terrain, climate and other factors
5、Facilities outside the box such as stairs, walkways, transformers, cables, bridges and cable distribution boxes are not included in the accessories
6、When placing an order, confirm the assembly scheme and door opening direction (from the perspective of the air inlet)
7、It can be lifted by the built-in miner as a whole, and the lifting times are unlimited
After sales information One year from the date of delivery (box, power distribution)
Assembly assembly
Number and height of assembly layers No more than 4 floors are recommended,11584mm(11.58m)
Longitudinal assembly It is recommended that no more than 2 sets be placed vertically, which shall be determined according to the specific site
Arrangement and requirements The transformer is located at the air inlet side, and the air outlet is opposite. It is recommended that the horizontal spacing of the box body:16m
The transformer is located at the air inlet side, and the air inlets are opposite. It is recommended that the horizontal spacing of the box body:9m
Assembly scheme 1、Mining box (single use); Door opening direction: open the door on the right side facing the air inlet
2、Mining box (2 vertical combinations); Splicing method: longitudinal splicing; Door opening direction: double side door opening
3、Mining-BOX(2 sets of three-dimensional stacking combination); Splicing method: three-dimensional splicing; Door opening mode: open the door on the left side facing the air inlet
4、Mining-BOX(2 × 2) vertical three-dimensional stacking combination); Splicing method: Double longitudinal splicing; Door opening mode: double side door opening
➊、GPU miner stand is designed as 2000W by default. Customers use other power supplies, and the parameters will be slightly different;
➋、The incoming cable box has reserved an incoming hole, the standard design is 4 + 1 YJV cable hole, and the incoming specification shall be subject to the actual situation of the mine;
➌、The painted surfaces of metal parts inside and outside the box and frame shall be RAL7035 industrial gray by default if there are no special requirements of customers;
➍、By default, the network incoming line uses Gigabit wired Ethernet and can be equipped with a 5.8G 900m high-power and long-distance wireless bridge to meet the needs of different mine environments
➎、The default factory does not include a water curtain wall, and the optional thickness is 150mm or 100mm; The cost is calculated separately
➏、At the air inlet end, according to the customer’s requirements, the shielding parts can be equipped with steel structure louver or galvanized perforated mesh plate (the default hole diameter is 8mm and the interval is 4mm) ;

Definitive Guide for Crypto Mining Container

Inovatec Mining has ended the past history of making mining boxes with container refit. It uses new lightweight steel to produce mining boxes, making them more sustainable and lightweight. In addition, we have built cryptocurrency mining containers that can host both ASIC and GPU miners to meet the needs of every customer.


1. What is a Bitcoin mining container?

A bitcoin mining container, such as the S19 95, is a mobile data center built in a unit resembling a shipping container used to mine Bitcoins.


2. Why should you buy mobile mining shipping containers?

  • You can move the container to your desired location.
  • You can easily manage and control the ambiance by using PDU (Power Distribution Unit).
  • The container is extremely user-friendly and power-efficient.
  • It has a shorter lead time. It means you can get it running in no time!
  • You can reduce your cost by making use of the most cost-effective energy sources.
  • The price of the container is feasible with your whole operation cost.


3. What makes it different from homemade crypto mining rooms?

If you set up a homemade crypto mining room, you won’t be able to move it from one place to another at your convenience. Besides, in adverse times, you won’t be able to adjust the ambiance of your mining rooms.

Our standard container will allow you to have the ultimate mobility and accessibility. You can move it to anywhere you want. Also, you will have the access to check and set the temperature, and humidity at your convenience.


4. What is the container built of?

The container is shielded by a pure stainless steel structure.


5. What is the weight of the entire container?

The standard container weighs about 4.2 tons.


6. What is the color of the container?

Since the body is made of pure stainless steel, the color of the container comes off as typical silver-gray in shade.


7. Are there any cooling systems integrated into the container?

The built-in steel louver helps with cooling. Other than that, there is no dedicated in-built cooling system. But you have the option to attach an external water curtain wall by the air inlets which can help the container cool off by exterminating some heat.


8. What is the optimum temperature for the container to work perfectly?

You need to set the operating temperature anywhere between -10° to 45°C and the humidity from 5%RH to 90%RH for optimal running of the operations. For the perfect monitorization of the temperature and the humidity, you can install a control gauge within your container.


9. At what time of the year should you be careful with your container?

The temperature in Summer might push the limits of the highest temperature that your container can handle. This is when you need to be careful about the machine’s environment. We recommend you install a cooling system, such as the water curtains, to avoid trouble during extreme weather conditions.

Similarly, during deep snowfall and the temperature falls far below the radar. In such instances, you need to make sure that your container remains warm enough to keep the operations running. One quick solution would be to introduce a heater in the container.


10. What is the perfect altitude for the container to operate smoothly?

The S19 95 container operates fairly within 3,000 meters of altitude. So, if you live in the highlands, make sure it’s within the acceptable range for the machine to operate.


11. Do you need any extra assistance working with the S19-95th container?

You might need to load and unload various things inside the container. We recommend you hire a forklift with the capacity of lifting 5-10 tons.


12. Does the container offer other facilities?

Unfortunately, no. You might need add-on hardware such as stairs, walkaways, transformers, and cables to keep the operations running. The standard container does not offer these peripheral items but is definitely up for purchase should the need arise.


13. What is the box size of the container?

The container offers an overall dimension of 6058*2438*2896 mm. The inner space that the container offers is about 5851*2282*2661 mm. Based on the size, you can preset where you want to set up the container.


14. In what direction does the door of the container open?

You can find the door of the container opening on the right side. But you can customize the opening direction of the door if you want.


15. How many assembly layers can be used inside the container?

We recommend you not to use more than 4 assembly layers inside the container at a time.


16. How soon can we create a new container depending on your requirement and stock?

Usually, it takes us about 10-20 days to finish building your customized container.


17. How long will it take for the container to arrive at your location?

It will take about 15-35 days for the container to reach your destination depending on the efficiency of the delivery port.


18. What type of miners can you cover in S19 95th mining container?

You can either go for Adaptive GPU miner, or you can go for the Adaptive ASIC miner.

If you choose the Adaptive GPU miners, you can store up to 80 pieces of GPU miners inside your container. But if you consider using Adaptive S19 miners, you can store up to 224 pieces of them.


19. What type of modules can you expect from our container?

You can find several modules such as the power distribution module, rack module, ethernet module, and weak electricity module inside of our container.


20. Do I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

Unfortunately, no. Our policy does not support refunding your money after making the purchase. We recommend you make the payment only after careful consideration.

However, if we fail to ship out your order in a timely manner or the product gets damaged in transit, we will definitely reach out to you and take your opinion about resending a fresh batch or refunding your amount.


21. Does the container come with a warranty?

The container comes with a 180-days warranty. Therefore, if you face any difficulty with the container within the first 6 months from the buying period, you can contact us and get a free servicing. If the servicing doesn’t solve the persisting issues, we will be providing you with a new replacement.


22. Do we have any legal certification for our mining container?

Absolutely! We are pleased to inform you that our mining container goes directly under the UL, CSA, CE certifications.


23. Can you customize the product?

Definitely! You can confirm the miner assembly scheme and the door opening direction of the container as per your convenience.


24. What electrical components do the S19 95th containers use?

Our container uses the highest quality circuit breakers built by Hyundai, ABB, and Schneider Electric.


25. What is the top-selling fact about our container?

Since the introduction of Bitcoin mining, global electricity consumption has risen to an alarming level. This is why the electricity companies are charging more for the power consumption of Bitcoin mining.

Our mining container is designed to be highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, allowing you to save up to 20% more energy compared to other container brands.


26. What other types of Bitcoin portable mining containers are out there?

You can find 3 types of portable mining firms with distinctive characteristics:

  • Server rooms
  • Bitcoin containers
  • Mobile data centers


27. Can I pay the amount in installments?

Definitely! You can go to our website and check out our reputed affiliate banks. Contact them to assist you with your preferred installment scheme.

What the lead time for the Mining Container?

The lead time is 10-15 days for a standard mining container. If you have a special order requirement, the production time could be 25 days. Usually, we can deliver up to 40 pcs container per month.

What the price for the mining container?

The price of mining containers largely depends on the complications of the container and the certification required. A 20 ft shipping container with UL certification will cost USD 35000. A 20 ft Bitbox (can be put inside a 20 ft shipping container) cost USD 16000.

If you install the container in South America or Asian countries, you can use China’s standard electronics component which cost USD 9500.

What size mining container you have?

We have 10 ft bitbox, 20 ft bitbox, 40 ft bitbox. However, they are not the standard shipping container. These module boxes can be loaded into the shipping container.

Do you offer warranty for the mining container?

Yes, we do. The mechanical structure offers one year warranty. The fans offer a 6-month warranty. And the electronics component offers a 3-month warranty.

How many miner we can put in your crypto mining container?

Depending on the miner size, in a 20 ft container, you can put What M20S M21S M31S M31S+ 191 pcs,  Avalon 1066 1166 1246pro 150 pcs, Antminer T19 S9J S19J S19JPRO L7 150 pcs, Antminer S19

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