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Guide to Control Noise During Crypto Mining


Controlling the noise is one of the major issues when it comes to crypto mining. The noise produced by the fans on the farms does affect the mental and physical health of the people nearby. The fact that the mining farm is running for 24 hours will make it tough for people nearby to sleep. You cannot stop the operations of the mining farm for some time. It will affect your profits. Now, the question will be, how you can lower the miner noise without compromising on the mining profits. We will see all the possible noise reduction techniques in this guide.


What is the source of the noise from the mining farm?


There will be two fans in an ASIC miner. One of these fans will be located at the air inlet, and the other fan will be located near the air outlet. These fans are essential to ensure the smooth functioning of the miner. Otherwise, the ASIC chips in the miner will get damaged due to overheating. In order to remove this excess heat, there are fans in the miners that help to remove the heat. These fans that run at a programmed speed produce the noise.


You can consider the case of the Antminer S9 as an example. You will see a fan speed of 4300 to 4550 rpm when you are running the miner at a standard speed. You can see it on the status page. The noise level is around 76 decibels at a 1m distance. This noise level is similar to the noise at a busy transport station. So, you can imagine the amount of noise generated by the miner in a normal operation.


Which are the Cooling Techniques that are prohibited by Engineers?


If it is only a single miner, the noise level is still OK. But, in the case of a big mining farm, there will be a large number of miners running simultaneously. These miners will be running continuously 24×7. It may be OK for the workers since they may not be staying there for the whole time. But the noise will be a big issue for the neighborhoods.

So, there are some creative noise reduction techniques proposed by the mining workers. I will share these techniques. Some of these techniques may seem strange and may not work for you.


Employee A- Try moving the fans as we see the noise from the fans.


Engineer’s Response

It is not possible to move the fans from the miner. The fans help to remove the excess heat generated by the chips. So, if you try to remove the fans, there will be excess heat on the ASIC chips, and they will get damaged. Also, the miner won’t function if you remove its cooling fans.


Employee B- Is there a chance of reducing the speed of the fan for some time to lower the noise?


Engineer’s Response

There are no options to adjust the speed of the fan manual in the Antminer. It comes with auto speed adjustments. The fan speed control is based on the temperature. The speed of the span will be slow at a lower temperature. If the miner experiences a higher temperature, there will be an increase in the fan speed to remove the excess heat. Otherwise, it will affect the performance of the miner.


Employee C – I have heard that cooling by oil and water methods helps to reduce the noise issue. So, I want to make some changes in the miner accordingly.


Engineer’s Response 

It is a good idea not to go for these methods. If you try to modify the miner by yourself, you may end up compromising the performance of the miner. It can even damage the miner. You will also make the warranty void if you make such changes. Water cooling and oil cooling techniques are quite popularly used in computers. Earlier computers were also relying on fans alone to remove the heat. So, people are thinking about using the same technique for the miners. There is an exception in the case of the Antminer S9 hydro model. The main reason for not choosing these cooling options is purely technical. So, it is a good idea not to implement these methods yourself.


What are the scientific methods to lower the noise in the miner?


There are around 3 methods that you can employ to lower the miner noise theoretically. These methods are given below.


1. Reducing the noise levels at the source


The fan speed of the miner will change automatically. The speed of the fan will be low when the temperature is low. So, you need to place your miner in a low temperature environment. Thus, the speed of the fan will be low, and the noise will be less. When you choose a location for mining, go for a place with lower temperatures.


2. Lowering the noise in the transmission of sound


Many miners have adopted techniques to block the noise from going outdoors. Some have used panels that are soundproof and cotton panels that are capable of absorbing sound. Some even have used soundproof boxes as the external enclosure for the miners. These methods are used mainly by people mining at home. One of the important things to take here is the internal ambient temperature. When you keep such panels in the room, there is a chance that the temperature inside the room may increase.


3. Lowering the noise on the human side


You can use earplugs or earmuffs to lower the noise in your ears.


Can you share some Creative Techniques to Lower the Noise?


There are some creative methods to lower the noise from the miners. Unfortunately, these methods are not verified. If you plan to use any of these methods, you must use them with caution.


  1. It is a good idea to use a big soundproof cloth to block the sound. When you use such a cloth, there won’t be proper ventilation in the room. Thus, it will result in an increase in room temperature. So, it may result in a fire also.


  1. Another technique you can try is the rooftop mobile room. You can set a room at the top with soundproof cotton along with proper ventilation. This method does help to eliminate some noise.


  1. There are many other methods that you can try to reduce the noise.
  • Select a room for mining with a couple of windows.
  • You can also keep plasterboards between miners to isolate them.
  • It is a good idea to keep an air inlet as well as an air outlet in the plasterboard.
  • You must make the connection between the air outlet and the ventilation pipe in the soundproof cotton board.
  • Consider using a negative pressure fan on the air outlet side of the miner. It is to blow out the hot air through the pipe.
  • The return of the heat can be stopped by keeping boards that are heatproof in between two miner racks.
  • The ventilation pipe needs to be connected with the air inlet window.
  • You can lower the noise in the room by keeping the room closed.


  1. You need to focus on 3 places to control the noise. They are given below.
  • Control the noise at the source by the use of cushioning materials.
  • Controlling the noise from the transmission side. For example, you can make use of noise barriers near the miners to lower the noise.
  • Controlling at the end side is the third option. It includes using devices like headphones to control the sound.


  1. It is always good to learn some techniques from experienced miners. One small mining farm had around 15 miners. He had used large tin plate boxes around the miner. It had about 15 numbers of 15cm holes in it. These boxes are connected to a 15 cm exhaust pipe. He has also used a bent pipe that is connected to the fan. It helps to reduce indoor noise and ambient temperature. Here, the excess heat generated from the miners will go inside the box and outside.


  1. The rotation of the fan blades is the main cause of the noise in the miner. This noise is created due to the vibration from the blades of the fan. So, you can try offsetting the vibration with the help of opposite phases. You can do it by keeping two miners side by side. Then, slowly move one of the miners to get the required position. This process does help to lower the sound. But it takes lots of patience. So, give it a try if you have lots of patience.



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