Guide to Know the Crypto Miner’s IP address

You will learn to find the crypto miner’s IP address in this article. There are multiple ways that you can use to find the IP address. These methods are listed below.

crypto miner ip address 1

  1. You can look for the IP address in the Admin Dashboard of the router.
  2. You can also check the address in the IP Scanning Software.
  3. Another tool that you can try is the Self IP Report

We will go through all these methods in this guide. We will make use of the bitcoin miner as an example. You can use these methods for other miners also. It includes the dash miners, Litecoin miners, etc.


How to Check the IP address in the Admin Dashboard of your Router?


We will have a look at the first method, and it is the best method to find the IP. After that, you can log in to the router’s admin dashboard. Now, you will find the IP address of the miner here. I will list the steps in detail.

  1. You need to learn how to login into the admin dashboard of your router. It is easy to find the exact procedure in the guide given along with the router.
  2. In the second step, you will have to connect the router’s LAN port with the miner. Now, switch on the router.
  3. Now, go to the router dashboard and log in with admin details. You will have to enter the admin username and password to log in.
  4. Go to the “Device Management” section in the router. You will be able to see all the devices that are connected to the router here. Check out the screenshot given below that shows the device management section in the dashboard of the admin. It is for the TP-Link router.

crypto miner ip address 2

Another technique to find the IP address is through the miner’s MAC address. Check the miner physically to find the MAC address. It will be mostly stuck as a label to the miner. If you are able to find this MAC address, you can easily get the miner’s IP address. You can get it through the router’s device management section.

crypto miner ip address 3

crypto miner ip address 4

If you are not able to find a label showing the MAC address, you can open Google Chrome or any other browser and check out all the IP addresses in your router.


How to Use IP Scanning Software to Find the IP Address?

You can use the below link to download the IP scan software.

Now, you will have to connect the router to the crypto miner through the ethernet cable.

If there is any antivirus or firewall enabled on your computer, you need to disable it. Do it before proceeding to the next step.

You can switch on the crypto miner now. You need to wait for 2 to 3 minutes so that the miner establishes a connection with the router after powering on. This time will vary for different miner models. Some miners may even take around 7 minutes to establish a connection.

Now, you need to check your internet settings at home. In order to check the settings, you can go to the Command prompt on your Windows PC. First, you need to check and ensure that the computer is connected to the internet. Next, type “ipconfig” in the prompt and hit the “Enter” key. Now, you can see all the network details you are looking for. You can write it down or capture it. We have used the default gateway as in our testing. It is the router’s IP. We will proceed with this IP as an example.

crypto miner ip address 5

Now, you will have to click and open the IP scan software that you have downloaded.

Net thing to do is to set the IP scanning range. Here, we are using as the gateway. So, our IP range can be to

crypto miner ip address 6

Suppose you have 192.1.0.yyy as the router IP (; you will have to set the range as to

Suppose you have 192.1.2.yyy as the router IP (; you will have to set the range as to

Now, you can go ahead and press the “Scan” button.

You can see the results of the crypto miner in the coming picture. You can see the IP address of the miner as You can see this value once the miner is connected.

If you are not absolutely sure about the Ip address, you can check with all the IP addresses to confirm.

Sometimes, you may not be able to scan and see the IP. The reason for this issue is that the miner’s IP will be used by some other equipment in the network. You will have to remove other devices from the network and try checking for the IP again in such cases.

crypto miner ip address 7

We will consider the case of the Antimer for the example. You can see the below image that shows the Antminer details.

In certain cases, you may also see “Texas Instruments Inc.”

crypto miner ip address 8

In some other cases, you may see this space blank. There won’t be any manufacturer’s name.

crypto miner ip address 9

In other cases, there will be a random name assigned based on the network.

crypto miner ip address 11

You just need to click on the dropdown triangle to see the device details. You don’t have to bother about what is shown over there. For example, if the device is an Antminer, you can see the Antminer configuration.

crypto miner ip address 12

Otherwise, you will just see HTTP,401, or something similar.

crypto miner ip address 13

If you are still not able to figure out the correct IP address for the crypto miner, you can go ahead and try all the IPs in the network.

In some cases, you might have a complex networking environment. For example, if you consider the case of a WDS network, there will be two or more routers in the same network. Here, a onetime scan will not help you to fetch the details of the IP. So, you will have to do it more than 2 times to get the correct value.


How can you use the Self IP Report?

There are few miner models that come with IP reporting software. If you are using such a miner, it will be very easy to know the IP address. Some miner models that support this feature include the Antminer S9, Antminer D3, Antminer T9+, etc. You can check out the instructions shared below to know the exact procedure.


First, you will have to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the Ip Reporter software program. This software will not be all miner models. So, you need to go to your appropriate miner model to get the software.

If you are using Antminer T9+, you will be able to find a hardware button on the box named IP Report. Press this button to view the IP address.

crypto miner ip address 14

Check and ensure that the miners and the computer are connected to the same network.

Switch on the miner. You will have to wait for less than 3 minutes so that the miner establishes a connection with the router. This time limit can go up to 7 minutes in the case of certain miner models.

crypto miner ip address 15

You can run the IP Reporter program on your Windows computer. Press the start button.

Now, you can click and hold on the IP Report button until you see the red light blinking.

The crypto miner’s IP address will be visible in the IP Reporter software program on the computer.

crypto miner ip address 16

You can apply this technique only for some Antminer models.

You can use the IP report feature only if the IP address of the miner goes with the DHCP IP protocol. If the IP address is a static one, you cannot use this feature.


Are you still not able to scan and find out the Miner’s IP address?


  1. The first thing to check and ensure is whether your Antminer has a static IP address. If the IP address is a static one, you cannot use any of the methods listed above to find the IP address of the miner.
  2. You need to check and ensure that the router’s LAN is connected to the miner.
  3. You need to have good patience before running the IP scan software.
  4. Sometimes, resetting the miner will also help. If you are using a second-hand miner, you may have to reset it. You can do the scanning again after doing a reset.
  5. You can try removing all the equipment from the network and start scanning again.
  6. Go ahead and disable all the firewalls and the antivirus programs installed on your computer. These programs may cause some issues at times.
  7. If your system has Windows 10 OS, you can try loading Windows XP into it. After loading Windows XP, scan again. This trick has worked for many users.


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