Professional Bitcoin Mining Machine Supplier and Hosting Solution Provider

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Professional Bitcoin Mining Machine Supplier and Hosting Solution Provider

  • Antminer, Whatsminer, Innosilicon, etc various brand
  • We tested and send you a video for your confirmation before the shipment
  • We also supply mining containers to increase your bitcoin miner productivity
  • MOQ 1 pcs of miner sold as wholesale price

Top Quality Bitcoin Mining Machine Supplier with best price

We offer quality bitcoin miners with all brand and product codes. Whether you need a new miner or a used miner. Inovatec Mining is always a trustable and reliable source for you.

Whatsminer M30S
M30S SHA256 Miner for Bitcoin Mining
Canaan AvalonMiner
Canaan mining SHA-256 of 37Th/s
Canaan mining SHA-256 of 50Th/s
Canaan mining SHA-256 f 13.6Th/s
Canaan AvalonMiner
Canaan mining SHA-256 of 68Th/s
Canaan mining SHA-256 of 63Th/s
Canaan mining SHA-256 of 11.5Th/s
Canaan AvalonMiner
Canaan mining SHA-256 of 81Th/s
Canaan mining SHA-256 of 7.3Th/s
Canaan mining SHA-256 of 90Th/s

Definitive Guide for Bitcoin Miner


1. What is a Bitcoin Miner?

The machine that is used to mine Bitcoin cryptocurrency is called a Bitcoin Miner. A Bitcoin Miner comes with lots of ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) chips inside for doing complex calculations at a very good speed.

2. How to Place an Order for the Bitcoin Miner Machine?

You can contact us through the mail or phone to place an order. You can also click on the “Get a Quick Quote” button to place an order with us. Our customer support team will respond immediately.

3. How Does a Bitcoin Miner Work?

You need to connect the Bitcoin mining machine to the appropriate power socket first. After that, you need to use an ethernet cable and connect the miner to your router.

Now, you can power on your miner machine. The miner will be in the network. You can log in to the miner through the browser.

The login procedure will be different for different types of miners. You can refer to the instruction manual to know the default login username and password details.

After that, you need to configure the mining pool details in the miner. Once all the configurations are completed, you can click on the save button. Now, the miner machine will restart with the new configuration.

The mining process will start automatically after a few minutes.

The different miners will come with different settings. So, you need to configure it accordingly.

Once the miner is in the mining pool, it will start doing complex calculations to find a solution to the numerical problem. This solution is referred to as proof of work. The first miner to submit the proof of work will earn a Bitcoin.

4. What are the Factors that Affect the Profit from using a Bitcoin Miner Machine for Mining Bitcoins?

The profit from a Bitcoin mining business depends on many factors. All these factors are listed below.

4.1 Efficiency of the Bitcoin Miner Machine

The efficiency of the Bitcoin miner is one of the major factors that impact the profit of your Bitcoin mining process. There are different models of Bitcoin mining machines out there. You need to select one with the best efficiency to improve your mining efficiency.

4.2 Electricity

Another factor that you need to check before buying a miner is its power consumption. The amount of power consumed by the miner will have an impact on the profit percentage.

Most Bitcoin miners are high-energy consumers. You need to ensure that the power consumption matches the hash rate of the miner.

When you are starting a mining farm with lots of miners, you need to ensure to select an area where the electricity charges are comparatively low. It will help you reap more profits.

4.3 Mining Pool

You might be using single or multiple machines for mining Bitcoins. Whatever the case, you need to use a mining pool. You need to add all your miners to the mining pool.

So, if there are any issues with your mining pool, then you can see a reduction in income. You must always ensure to select the best and most reliable mining pool. Also, add a backup mining pool so that you can easily switch to it in case of any issues.

4.4 Mining Setup

When you run a mining farm with lots of miners, you will be able to mine more Bitcoins. Thus, you will be able to make more profit from Bitcoin mining.

When you use one or two miners in a home environment, it will take some time to mine one Bitcoin.

4.5 Environment Temperature

You must also consider the environment temperature into account. The miners generate lots of heat. So, when you have lots of miners in your facility, there will be a temperature rise in the environment.

For the efficient working of the miners, you need to have some mechanisms to remove the heat. If you install air conditioning in the facility, it will not be a profitable solution.

So, you need to set up the mining farm in a cold region. It will help to avoid the use of air conditioners. You will still need fans in your facility to regulate the temperature inside.

5. How much Power is consumed by a Bitcoin Miner Machine?

The power consumed by a Bitcoin miner machine depends on its product specification. High-end miners are known to consume more power because of their higher performance.

The power is also related to the hash rate of the miner machine. The higher the hash rate, the higher will be the power.

If you overclock the mining frequency, the power consumption will also increase.

6. How much time will it Take to Mine One Bitcoin using the Bitcoin Miner?

The time taken to mine one Bitcoin will depend on many parameters. One main parameter that decides the mining time is the hash rate of the Bitcoin miner machine.

The hash rate of a miner is actually the measure of the computing power of the machine. Miners with a high hash rate will be able to mine Bitcoins at a faster rate. So, if you are interested in mine at a faster rate, consider investing in a Bitcoin miner with a fast hash rate.

The Bitcoin mining time is also dependent on the mining pool. If there are issues with your mining pool, it will take more time to mine a Bitcoin.

7. Is it Legal to Use a Bitcoin Miner?

Bitcoin is legal in many places and illegal in many others. The legality is dependent on the geographical location. Many governments feel that the Bitcoin concept is a threat to the standard currencies, and it may impact their financial market. So, some government has declared Bitcoin mining illegal.

8. Is it Necessary to Use a Dedicated Bitcoin Miner for Mining Bitcoins?

In the early days, when Bitcoin came into existence, it was quite easy to mine Bitcoins. One can use their desktop or laptop for mining. The network became large with the growing interest in people. Thus, the mining algorithm also became difficult.

So, it is essential to invest in a dedicated Bitcoin miner for mining Bitcoins, especially if you are serious about Bitcoin mining. The powerful ASICs in the Bitcoin miner machine can help mine Bitcoins in an efficient manner.

9. Is it Possible to Use Bitcoin Miners at Home?

Yes, you can use Bitcoin mining machines at home. You need to ensure to provide the right kind of environment for the working of the miners.

The miner machines produce lots of heat. So, there should be some technique to remove this excess heat from the miner. If you live in a cold region, it will not be a problem. Otherwise, you can use room air conditioners to remove the heat.

10. Is it Possible to Use a Bitcoin Miner Machine to Mine Other Cryptocurrencies?

Certain Bitcoin miner machines do support the mining of other cryptocurrencies. You need to refer to the miner’s specification to see what all cryptocurrencies are supported by that particular miner model. You can get all these details from the website of the miner manufacturer.

11. Does Bitcoin Miner Machines Produce Lots of Heat?

Bitcoin miner machines are known to generate lots of heat. The amount of heat generated by the miner will depend on the miner model and the manufacturer.

You can check the miner manufacturer website to know the exact values of temperature on the miner during its operation. It will give you a better idea of the heat generated by that specific miner model.

12. How to Handle the Heat Generated by the Bitcoin Mining Machines?

Miners with a higher hash rate will produce more heat. You don’t have to worry much about the heat when dealing with one or two miners. There will be a heat sink and appropriate fans inside the miners to regulate the temperature on the ASIC chips of the miner.

But when you are running many miner machines at a time on a mining farm, you need to take appropriate measures to regulate the mining temperature. It must not go beyond the recommended value.

You can install fans or other cooling devices to lower the temperature at your facility during the mining process.

When you. Keep multiple miners in a rack, and make sure that there is enough gap between the miners. It is essential to ensure that the fans inside the miner can push the excess heat outside.

You can also consider using water curtains on your mining farm. It will help to remove the heat as well as the dust suspended in the air.

You must also clean the miner at regular intervals. The dust in the environment can get deposited in the heatsinks of the miner machines. This accumulated dust affects the airflow inside the machine.

You can use a gas duster to remove these dust particles. It is not recommended to use compressed air since it may damage some of the components in the miner boards.

13. What are the different types of Bitcoin Miner Machines Offered by Inovatec?


Inovatec offers different varieties of Bitcoin miner machines from different manufacturers for the customers. So, you can easily get one according to your requirements. The list is given below.

  1. Antminer S19
  2. Antminer / S19J Pro
  3. Antminer S17 Pro 53TH
  4. Antminer S17 56TH
  5. Antminer S15 28TH
  6. Antminer S11 20.5TH
  7. Antminer S9 SE
  8. Antminer S9K
  9. Whatsminer M32 M32S
  10. Whatsminer M31S 76 TH
  11. Whatsminer M20S 68TH
  12. Whatsminer M21 58THWhatsminer M10
  13. Innosilicon T3
  14. Innosilicon T2 Turbo
  15. Ebit E9 Pro 25TH
  16. Avalon Miner A921
  17. Ebit E9i 13.5TH
  18. Avalonminer 721 6TH
  19. Avalonminer A6
  20. Bitmain S5 1TH
  21. Antminer T19 84TH
  22. Antminer T15 23TH
  23. Antminer T17 40TH
  24. Antminer T9+ 10.5T
  25. Ebit E9.3 16TH
  26. Ebit E9
  27. Antminer T9P 10.5T
  28. Antminer S7 2.7TH
  29. Antminer S7 4.86TH
  30. Whatsminer M30S
  31. Canaan AvalonMiner 1047
  32. Canaan AvalonMiner 1066
  33. Canaan AvalonMiner 841
  34. Canaan AvalonMiner 1126 Pro
  35. Canaan AvalonMiner 1146 Pro
  36. Canaan AvalonMiner 821
  37. Canaan AvalonMiner 1166 Pro
  38. Canaan AvalonMiner 741
  39. Canaan AvalonMiner 1246

14. How does Inovatec Ensure the Quality of the Bitcoin Mining Machine?

Inovatec always provides high-quality miner machines to the customers. We will test the miner before shipping. We will also share the testing video with our customers before shipping the machine.

All the miner machines are shipped in proper enclosures to ensure that the mining machine remains safe during the shipment phase.

15. What is the Minimum & Maximum Quantity of Bitcoin Miners that can be ordered from Inovatec?

The minimum order quantity is one miner. The maximum order quantity can be any number. We do support bulk orders. We offer a single piece of a miner at wholesale price.

16. Is It Necessary to Use a Mining Container with the Bitcoin Miner Machine?

A Mining container can also be referred to as a mining farm. They have become the new norm.

You can use the mining container to keep all your mining machines and run the mining process. The mining container helps to provide the perfect environment for the mining process.

The low temperature inside the container helps to enhance the life of the Bitcoin miners. Thus, you can use your miners for a long period of time without any issues.

These containers help to provide mobility to your mining farm. You can transport the mining system anywhere by using trucks.

It will help to reduce the warehouse cost and electricity cost. So, it will prove to be a cost-effective solution.

17. Do Inovatec provide Mining Containers for the Bitcoin Miner Machine?

Yes, Inovatec does provide a mining container for Bitcoin miner machines. You can share your requirements with us. We will help you pick the right type of mining container.

18. Do Inovatec Offer Support for Setting up The Bitcoin Miners?

Inovatec is well-known for after-sales support. You can get in touch with our support team anytime. We will guide you to set up the Bitcoin miner machines at your facility.


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