Antminer Reset Guide

We will learn how to reset the Antminer in this guide. We will use Antminer S9 as an example. You can use this same guide for all other Antminer models.


It is possible to reset the Antminer using 3 methods. All these techniques are listed below.


1. Press the Reset Button on the Antminer for Resetting


We will show you how to rest the Antminer by pressing the hardware reset button in the module. First, switch on the Antminer module. You need to wait for at least 2 minutes after switching on. Now, press and hold the hardware reset button on the miner for 5 seconds. Now, the miner will go into the resetting mode, and it will power on automatically after 4 minutes. After resetting, you will have to scan the IP address of the Antminer again.

It is essential to ensure that you press the hardware button within a time frame of 2 to 10 minutes after powering on the miner. You can use this method for miner resting for all models except Antminer G2 and Antminer G1.

Antminer Reset Guide 1 Antminer Reset Guide 2


2. Reset Option in the Status Page of the Miner


Go to the miner status page and click on the System tab. Now, you need to click on the Upgrade tab. You can find the Perform Rest button inside this module. This button is for resetting the miner through software. Once you press the button, a new window will pop up asking to confirm. You need to give Yes to proceed with the reset.


3. Resetting the Antminer using the IP Report Button


You can also use the IP Report button that can be seen behind the Antminer module for resetting the mining system. You need to switch off the miner first. After that, try powering on the miner, and at the same time, you need to press and hold the IP report button for at least 5 seconds. Now, you have put back the factory settings into the Antminer. This method will only work for certain models of Antminer. It includes Antminer T9, T9+, and S9.

Antminer Reset Guide 2

There is a slight change in procedure for the T9 and the S9 models. First, you need to follow the same procedure given above. After completing it, you will have to upgrade the firmware of the Antminer. Only then the Antminer will get reset. You can always refer to our instructions for upgrading the firmware of the mining system.



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