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Leading Crypto Asic Miner Container Manufacturer & Solution Provider

Top Quality and Best Pricing from China

Our most efficient and flexible mining solution yet. Our mining containers are purpose-built for increased efficiency and reduced cost

  • Water curtain canopy (cold wind area): In winter, snowflakes are prevented from being sucked into the mining machine, which affects the normal use of the mining machine and causes economic losses.
  • Fan surface canopy (hot air area): prevent rainwater and heavy snow from immersing into the inside of the mining machine, affecting the normal use of the mining machine and causing economic losses
  • 20 ft mining shipping container 1
  • 20 ft mining shipping container 2
  • 20 ft mining shipping container 3
  • mining container customized design

Inovatec Standard Shipping Container for Crypto Mining

Our custom-built containers are purpose-built for increased mobility, efficiency, and reduced overall operational costs. They can hold up to 360 ASICs and can be easily transported to regions with abundant energy and low electricity rates.

Best Value New or Second-hand Asics Mining Machine

Our own resources attract a lot of Chinese mine owners and big miners, so we can easily find second-hand mine resources at the lowest price. Therefore, we have enough advantages to find the mining machine you need in the mining machine market. We guarantee with the honor of our company: every Bitcoin mining machine we send is tested by our own team, and we can ensure the normal operation of each mining machine.

  • Antminer-S19-Pro-110TH-Bitcoin-Miner-for-Bitcoin-Mining-N01
  • Antminer-L3P-500MH-800w-Litecoin-Miner-for-Scrypt-Mining
  • WhatsMiner-M30-M30S-SHA256-Miner-for-Bitcoin-Mining
  • Antminer-T17-40TH-7nm-Bitcoin-Miner
  • Innosilicon-Terminator-2-Turbo-T2T-Bitcoin-Miner-IMG-N01
  • UL CE Standard Mining Container
  • Water Cooled Mining Container
  • 2. Foldable Compact Shipping
  • 10 ft Crypto Mining Container
  • 20 ft Crypto Mining Container (1)
  • 40 ft Crypto Mining Container
  • China Standard Bitcoin Shipping Container

Customized Design Mining Container

Whether you need a cost-saving solution or a high demanded remote control solution, we have the professional team to meet your demand. Tell us your miner quantities and your budget, we will suggest the best way to get your job done.

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